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Visi Family Australia

😟What in the world is happening to us & the health of our kids??

😥Check out these stats!

💰$7.2 trillion – Processed Foods Industry

🍧Australians on average consume over 30kgs of sugar a year

😟Chronic Disease accounts for 83% of all premature death

😞Around 45% of Australians aged 16–85 will experience a mental illness in their life

👨‍⚕️On an average day 406,000 visits are made to a general practitioner (GP)

😢Every day in Australia…380 people are diagnosed with cancer, 170 people have a heart attack
and 100 people have a stroke

😬63% of Australian Adults are overweight (25% of kids are overweight)

👣56% of Australians are not regularly active

🥯1 in 10 Australians have been diagnosed with Diabetes

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