Is Collagen the new super supplement? Hmmm, well, I think it’s super, but not new. Not to those of us who’ve been using it for years.

Magazine scan: Is Collagen the new super supplement?

Collagen has been around for a long time, just not always in as pure of a form. Definitely not in this convenient of a form. Hello, who wants to carry around a mug of warm bone broth?! 🍵😉

I’m glad to see mainstream media like Oxygen magazine getting with the program, but before you go buy some cheap supplement, keep a couple things in mind: 

📍is the collagen hydrolyzed using fruit enzymes – to note that most companies use heat and chemicals destroying much of the benefit.

📍is it combined with a vitamin C source, that is essential for absorption and activation?

📍 is the collagen source kosher, 99% bio-identical, from organic, grass fed, anti biotic/hormone free, humanely raised and obtained?

Important to note that Visi has…

*Been doing the best collagen for years now!

* No allergens

* Safe for all ages

* All 20 essential amino acids/ 5 Types of Collagen

* 95% absorbable protein (compared to 53% whey, 26% soy, 16% pea protein)

Go ahead – compare it! I completely encourage you to do your research & ask good questions.

And please, don’t waste your on a cheap imitation!

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Dr. Rouse
Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein + Arctic Cloudberry + Lingonberry
Because the human body was built for high performance, it requires nutrients in the most convenient form. When quality protein is supplied, the amino acids will refresh the body and mind, rejuvenate the well-being, and provide vigor and vitality. An active body needs superior protein to keep on going and going. Your fitness + forte + get-up-and-go are our goals as we assist you in gaining the best of life wellness. Hydrolyzed collagen protein supplies the body with the basic factors necessary for growth, including the muscles, fibers, sinew and new cells. In fact, protein fuels most of the biochemical activities of the body and this helps to support stamina, a healthy weight, a healthy immune system and balanced hormones, among a plethora of other health benefits.

What makes Probita and Nufinna different from other proteins on the market? It’s the hydrolyzed collagen protein combined with the AC2 arctic cloudberry technology. The specialized bovine collagen that is hydrolyzed with fruit enzymes in a unique patented process contains five specific types of collagen – Type I, II, III, IV, & V. Most collagen provides only two types. Probita and Nufinna have five different types that represent 99% of all the collagen found in our bodies. Type I collagen is the building block for bones, tendons, ligaments and skin. Type II collagen is found in cartilages and structures of the eyes. Type III collagen is what the liver, lungs and arteries are made from. Type IV is kidneys and several internal organs. Type V is the surface cells, hair, and placenta of a pregnant mother. Our special bovine collagen that is harvested from one distinct zone of the cow provides the highest quality of raw materials needed to produce the hydrolyzed collagen protein. Then the amino acid molecules and structures are in such perfect shape that over 95% of this type of collagen is absorbed and utilized by the body. Most proteins can only supply 50% or less in protein absorption. The hydrolyzed collagen protein supplies the perfect type of amino acids in the right sizes and right quantities.

Collagen is to your body what rebar is to a tower
Collagen is known as the glue that holds us together. That means everything from our joints, bones, ligaments and tendons all the way down to the tiniest cell in the human body requires collagen. We need to maintain healthy levels of collagen since it starts to diminish in the body beginning as early as age 20. Since wellness is our game, our collagen is designed to help form elastin and other compounds within your skin that are responsible for maintaining youthful skin tone, texture and appearance. When the skin gains integrity, the reduction of visible signs of wrinkles should be evident. There should also be a decrease in puffiness and that will help fight the signs of aging – bags and sagging.

The greatest percentage of an amino acid in collagen is glycine. Glycine is necessary for the building of healthy DNA and RNA strands. These are the genetic building blocks that are necessary for all body cells to function properly. Glycine is majorly involved in supporting healthy muscles as well as supplying invigorating energy levels during workouts. Glycine also has positive effects on metabolism, and can support healthy blood sugar levels in the body. This amino acid helps support the fuelling of skeletal muscles. Plus, glycine is necessary for a good night’s sleep.

Sufficient collagen is necessary for the body to hold water and form a gel-like substance between each bone. This phenomenon lessens friction and wear-and-tear on the joints. Building up the shock absorbers is always a helpful thing.

Vísi Probita: The protein choice of body building champions. With Luna Brown, Darrin Grosenick, and Melissa Haywood

As a pre-workout treat, Nufinna / Probita help fuel the body with clean energy and thus reduce fatigue as the exercise endures. All the while the amino acids supplied by the hydrolyzed collagen protein will help one to have an enhanced focus and mental stamina. As a post-workout nutritional the quick action of hydrolyzed collagen protein supports mobility and flexibility and recovery. This keeps the spunk in every step.

Probita Nufinna collage


Probita beore and after

Introducing my good friend Ian Castle.

He has had to be a vegetarian most of his life due to having only one kidney since he was 8. Thus, he was not able to gain or build muscle and truly was tired of being asked if he was “ok” because he was so skinny.
After adding Vísi’s Fruit Enzyme Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein*, Glutathione & Energi, Valla & Rensa to his daily regime his results are outstanding in a recent 8 week F45 Challenge!  Truly incredible what consistent adding of pure Nutritional building blocks – that are identical to our body – can do!
Excitingly, he also now has ‘Food Freedom’ & says he’s a full carnivore without any issues with his kidney!! Way to go Ian!!
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