Osteoporosis? Bone Health? Stress Fractures? Check out this post!

How is your bone health?

Our bones are responsible for many of our body’s crucial functions, including movement, organ protection, production of blood cells, storage of minerals, and support for the rest of our body.

Did you know…

•  Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body
•  Collagen fibers give the bones strength, and absorb and utilize energy 
•  Minerals make up 70% of bone matrix and collagen makes up 30%.
•  Its the collagen that gives the bones flexibility, and viability
•  The missing link in bone density is collagen
•  Without collagen, the bone cannot endure stress
•  A deficiency in collagen will affect the mechananical properties of bones 
•  Collagen deficiency drastically increases the risk of fracture

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Bone and joint health
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Did you Know…

Another very important task of collagen in the bone matrix is to serve as the proper framework necessary for the body to be able to hold the essential minerals like calcium, silicon, manganese, boron,  to bind – ie to HOLD the calcium in the bones!


Each collagen fiber acts as a calcium binding site, this means the more collagen you have in the bone, the more places there will be for calcium to be incorporated! 

Heard of Bone Metabolism? You need old bone removed/re-sorption and bone formation are critical to control the healing and remodeling of bone! Collagen is critical in this process of having healthy bones!! #osteoblasts #osteoclasts 

What depletes the collagen in our bones? Age (late 20’s onwards), menopause, especially the loss of estrogen, cause bone loss to propel at a very fast rate! 

Calcium alone isn’t enough… calcium supplements might make our bones stiffer, but we also need bone flexibility! Science shows that bone density from prescribed calcium supplements alone can eventually create vulnerable, brittle bones. Why is this? Well,  calcium supplements on their own allow only an increase of osteoblast  activity, but reduces osteoclast activity. It is key to understand that Osteoblasts and osteoclasts are types of cells the human body uses to repair broken bones. Osteoclasts break down old bone tissue allowing osteoblasts to replace it with new material. Together, these cells facilitate bone mending and bone growth. Thus, there needs to be a balance of minerals both in and out, as this is dependant for the framework of the collagen matrix, which is the definition of both the minerals and the collagen fibers for the minerals to attach to. Thus, having good collagen levels in our bones is what allows us to bend and twist without breaking.  

Therefore you see, the missing link is COLLAGEN not CALCIUM, as without adequate collagen the bone can not endure stress!

To think on:

If you are lacking collagen => less bone roughness => less surface area for minerals like calcium to bind to => higher fracture risk!

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Are you suffering from…

Stress fractures? Gum disease or periodontal disease? Leg cramps at night? Poor nail growth or brittle nails? Low back pain? Less skin elasticity and firmness?

These are ALL indicators of collagen deficiency! 

Are you wondering if just weight lifting is enough? If you are wanting to build strong, dynamic bones, you need more collagen so your bones have the right collagen matrix! Curious about the best type of exercise to help you get healthy and strong bones – Check out this great website for more info! https://www.osteoporosis.org.au/exercise


SO what is the secret I am here to share with you today??

Visi’s Probita and Nufinna both have cold pressed,fruit enzyme hydrolyzed Bio-Identical, Bio-available Collagen Protein! This means that by adding these into your daily regime of nutrition, your body will have the critical building blocks for your bones to be dynamic and healthy! Collagen that is strong like steel but also flexible!

*By the way, for a quick check, research shows that your skin health is a key indicator to the collagen levels in your body! 

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Nutrition Information in Nufinna – essential minerals and nutrients to accompany the bio-available protein building blocks for healthy bones and more!

Nutrition Facts - Nufinna
Visi’s Probita comes in both Chocolate and Lignonberry Flavours! 60 pocket proteins in each bag – perfect protein snack for on the go, at the office or at home! Both Nufinna and Probita are safe for all ages!
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Visi’s Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein has ALL 5 Types of Collagen, to give you whole body nutrition for head to toe vitality! Check out this visual:

Visi's Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein
* Key Reference

Much of this post was taken from notes from these Dr Charles Rouse’s recent calls on Bone Health and Collagen!

Dr Rouse is a Pharmacist, Naturopath, Lecturer and Key Member of Visi’s Scientific Advisory Board and Formulator.
Have a listen for more details – he makes the complicated so easy to understand!


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