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Vísi products are inspired by the Scandinavian way of life.

Their rich history is reflected in the beautiful arctic cloudberry featured in many of our products. Long-prized for its antioxidant properties, the arctic cloudberry only grows wild around the Artic Circle under the intense rays of the midnight sun. Now through Vísi, the arctic cloudberry can support you wherever in the world you call home.

We amplified the Arctic Cloudberry’s phytonutrients with Hydrolyzed collagen protein to create our proprietary AC2 Technology. Hydrolyzed collagen protein is identical to the only natural protein found in the human body. Hydrolyzed collagen protein is the highest absorbing protein with a 95% absorption rate, (which is significantly higher than the 53% absorption rate of whey protein, the 26% of soy protein, and the 16% of pea protein.*)

From this innovative blend, we’ve expanded our product line with a variety of products to meet your daily needs. Whether you’re drawn to Probíta’s easy on-the-go protein chews, Nufinna’s nutrition packed smoothie or Vara’s Immune System support, we’re sure you’ll find what you need to be a little better every day.

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*Protein absorption percentage is based on 15g of protein/hr.

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Incredible gift of health… this is my sweet friend Kris Ante’s testimony of how Visi Essentials have helped her dad transform his life over the past 12 months!!

“I’m making this post while sitting in my car. Lots of emotions as FB takes me back a year ago. My grandmother (Maw) went home to be with the Lord this time last year. My dad and his siblings said good bye to her. My dad was up to 274lbs. on insulin shots, blood pressure meds., and anxiety medication. It was a VERY tough Christmas…
ONE year later my dad didn’t stay in that lifestyle and give up….NOPE! He started taking that Visi stuff his daughter was bugging him about, and he had let build up on his countertops. (I remember that visit seeing it all there and telling him, “daddy, you need to take this! It does you no good sitting here! (insert eye roll)”. Now a year later he has lost 70lbs. NO more insulin shots, no diabetes meds., no blood pressure meds., no anxiety meds…
He’ll tell you it didn’t happen over night. He had to just make up his mind he was going to do it! And his 4 children and 14 grandchildren are so grateful he decided he was not going to be beaten. He would take back his health. 
 If he can do it, so can someone else! Don’t let another year go by! 2017 will be your year to share your story! 
 We love you daddy, and are so proud of you! Thank you!! ❤️❤️”

before & after

This is my good friend Lindsey Curry – Mom of 5, Owner/Manager of a huge Dance Studio in California. It is incredible what consistently adding pure nutritional building blocks into your body can do for you health – inside out and head to toe!!

In her words:

“3 years ago, I was given a sample that opened my eyes to wellness. I have really made my lifestyle around health and wellness but my Hashimotos really did a number on me, mentally and physically. Add the fact I wasn’t taking the right protein and was consuming soy and Sucralose which made it worse. I thought I was losing my mind. Could barely walk for weeks at a time and had disabling anxiety and brain fog.

Nov 2013…. working out 12 times a week and eating clean with trainer meal plan. Strong, fit but “puffy” and couldn’t lean out.

December 2013….. started Visi products.

Feb 2014…..lost 20 lbs of inflammation

May 2014….. Surprise, baby #5 on the way! 😂

Now the pic below is July 2015….6 months postpartum and seriously inflamed. Still using Visi products but (but not all bc of nursing) so when I added in our Lyfta and started back on Rensa…. the inflammation subsided. Then added Visi’s Glutathione and my eyesight improved. (Google it… one perk is eyesight improvement)

All in all…
I’ve lost the 40lbs gained from baby and I actually weight less than the day I got married 15 years ago. My skin, hair and nails are strong and lush. I’m regenerating more efficiently and I’ll tell you now….it’s all from Vísi. **we cannot claim it cures, treats, prevents anything I’m just sharing MY RESULTS** and I will continue to do so to be a beacon of hope for all those mothers out there who struggle with weight due to thyroid issues.

You can do this! You will feel better. You can change your life! Just making your health a priority and watch everything change.

Happy mama… happy house!”

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before & after

WOW! Lifestyle choices plus optimal nutritional building blocks and whoa- they say a picture is worth a thousand words, but really there is so much more about how she is feeling on the inside that is also such a miracle… no more prescription pain meds, more confidence. She is able to go Christmas shopping, to the park with her grandkids and she is also now back on the floor nursing – as she had needed to step into an administrative role due to the inability to stand/walk for long periods of time! Mary Lou has a heart of gold to help others reach their health goals too – this is a result of months of commitment and dedication – way to go girl!! 

Thanks Lindsey for sharing this about your mom!

“I am SO incredibly PROUD of my beautiful mother, Mary Lou Wescott…I have to share!! This has not always been easy for her, but in just less than 1 year, mom is down 100 lbs! Mom has made MANY changes in her life…She has chosen to do DIFFERENT. As a daughter who has watched her mother battle with her health over the years, this photo is priceless to me… It brings tears to my eyes! Going from taking 180 Percocet & 90 Flexeril per month in order to continue working full time…she now takes ZERO of either of those prescriptions.

She attributes her success to an amazing natural supplement line created byVísi. This line features MEDICAL GRADE/     95 % absorbable /bio-identical / collagen protein, a product that’s UNMATCHED in the health industry to date! She also attributes it to the amazing support she has received from all of you! Mom ENJOYS nothing more than to encourage & inspire other people. Keep going, Mom…Keep going!!”

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before & after 
Mary Lou Westcott

Thank you Don Wescott and Derek Kovick for sharing this life changing testimony!! I’m so thankful to read your continuing amazing story Derek!! 😊 why I truly love what I do ~ having a front row seat to seeing lives being transformed!! ❤️✨

Derek’s testimony in his words:
“On July 17 I publicly shared to my friends and family I had been diagnosed with Chronic Liver Rejection back in June. There is no cure. Historically it can be a slow process for transplantation. I decided to move the “doctors” opinions off to the side and become a student of the body. I discovered Visi, and the products containing glutathione and hydrolyzed collagen protein. I couldn’t believe the parallel with a healthy body. I was excited to tell you my labs in July were significantly better than in June once I started the Visi products. Well for those of you checking in and wondering how my labs went this week, I have to inform you that…..they are continuing to get better BABY!! Here’s my labs to #backitup #notluck #youcanToo
Who would have guessed a wellness company that most people think is only for those who want to lose weight, would give me a chance again? Not me. Its changed my thinking. I’ve taken the risk for you my friends. I have numerous people taking the product that all are needing different things from them, and they are having success. Some take a little longer, that’s ok.

Ready to start your race? All of our products have 30 day money back guarantee. You CANT lose, if you play….”

*****Visi doesn’t make any medical claims to cure any sickness, disease, or disability, nor do I. My results are strictly my results and can vary from others.

Candace foy before and after
This next collage of photos was of my husband Michael Foy – which has battle psoriasis for well over 30 years! No matter what he ate, or what he put on his skin, the results never once came close in comparison to using Visi’s Collagen Protein with AC2 technology, Visi’s Glutathione and the Rensa detox/cellular cleanse. As you can see, it was a year in the making as the skin is a living organ, and psoarisis is an auto-immune condition- it has been so incredible to see and feel the integrity of his skin being strengthened and restored with Visi’s clean nutrition! We are both so thankful!
psoriasis testimonial