Are you suffering from toxic overload?

10 signs your body could be toxic:
constant sugar cravings
low or no energy
bloating or gas
migraines or headaches
caffeine addiction
difficulty concentrating
fluid retention
mood swings / anxiety
restless sleep
bing eating / drinking
The World we live in is TOXIC. This really isn’t news to most of us now is it…but do we realize just how toxic it is? Have a listen to Dr Charlie Rouse, a certified Doctor of Naturopathy and Registered Pharmacist as he speaks about the world around us and how it is weakening our defenses againts the onslaught of chemicals, synthetic hormones, preservatives, artificial flavourings, smoking (& 2nd hand smoke!), pesticides, herbicides, environmental pollutants, free radicals,etc!  
20 square feet of the body’s largest organ is the SKIN! The skin is very effective and acts like armour if the collagen is intact and healthy at keeping foreign invaders into our body!
So the condition of our skin lets us know how much collagen our body has, so if our skin is sickly, weak, thin, then the collagen inside us will definitely be lacking!
Collagen supplementation in today’s day and age is key to help our depletion of these essential building blocks for our body’s to function as they were created to! Visi has AC2 technology, which includes the enzyme hydrolyzed collagen protein – allowing for your body to use your own DNA to become the master builder! Add this along with the power of the key anti-oxidant Glutathione!  Visi’s bioavailable Setria Glutathione,  is the essential fuel for your body’s liver function and supports the body’s natural detoxification process!  In addition, Rensa offers a plethora of herbals that improve the body’s cleansing ability and reduces the inflammation load!
 Most of us in today’s society suffer from toxic overload. Artificial additives, flavourings, preservatives, contaminants and environmental pollution. Obtaining optimal health is more than good nutrition, it’s getting rid of all the toxicity that harbours in our body every day. Help your body reset by improving its ability to detox and experience additional health benefits, including more energy, increased youthful vitality and weight loss. Cleansing helps eliminate chemicals and contaminants from your body so you can experience improved nutrient absorption and a new level of energy, focus and overall wellness.  A healthy body achieves more! 
We ALL need a daily dose of Probita, Nufinna, Vara and Rensa – our body can’t live without it! ‪#‎betterwithvisi‬ #nowisthebesttime #yourhealthisourpassion
DETOX: blood; lymph; liver; gallbladder; pancreas; kidneys; intestines

 Here is the VISI Recording of Dr Charlie Rouse – “Collagen & Environmental Toxins” My good friend John Busswood says “Buckle your seat belts for this one… but wait for the answer at the end. Whew!” Have a listen and send us a message on how you can try a 10 day cleanse or a 2/day for a month and start your way to a healthier, more energetic you!