Weight Loss Supplement

TrimaMAX is the complete weight loss supplement. Formulated to harness the power of Mother Nature, TrimaMAX features several beneficial herbs and botanicals, including the Arctic Cloudberry and Lingonberry,

that create a powerful weight loss supplement. This revolutionary combination promotes natural appetite suppression, increased and sustained energy, and improved metabolism. Vísi Global continues to lead the supplement industry by utilizing the power of Mother Nature combined with cutting edge science!


Product Benefits

  • Promotes natural weight loss

  • Supports appetite suppression

  • Provides increased and sustained energy


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Suggested Use

Take 1 capsule mid-morning with 16oz of water. Sensible diet, exercise, and rest are part of an effective weight-loss program – results may vary.



Green Tea Leaf Extract, Cinnamon Bark, Green Coffee Bean Extract (Natural Caffeine), Synephrine, Ottodrina, Glucomannan, Inulin, Cayenne Fruit, Black Pepper Extract, Arctic Cloudberry, (Rubus Chamaemorus), Lingonberry


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